We work with tribes, cities, counties, state, and federal governments to help staff, councils, commissioners, and other decision makers to develop plans on how their city, town, or reservation will look into the future. We will work with you to help you figure out your community goals and how you want your community to look for your children, grandchildren, and on into future generations.


Planning is more than just government plans.  Often our clients need us to plan out an approach, or a strategy, to help understand how we will reach project approval.  Our planning services for our other clients such as private developers, large prime contractors, special purpose districts, home owners, school districts, and others include strategic planning.



The Growth Management Act Planning

The Growth Management Act in Washington State lays the groundwork for how our state will develop in the future. Some of our local cities are predicted to quadruple in size in the next 20-years.  Rapid growth like we have seen and will continue to see requires that planning commissions, councils, commissioners, and citizens’ work together to figure out how to meet the demands of that kind of growth pressure.  That means all kinds of government services need to be planned for, including capital facilities (sewer treatment plants, storm drain systems, libraries, schools, jails, roads, bridges). It also means that the land around cities may have to be converted from the county to a city or annexed. The governments may have to decide how to share the tax revenue upon annexation, and whose rules apply to properties during the annexation process.

Eldred & Associates can help you develop and update plans related to the Growth Management Act including:

  • Visioning
  • 6-year Capital Improvement Plans
  • Transportation Improvement Plans
  • Comprehensive Plan Updates for:
    • Housing
    • Population projections
    • Land Use
    • Facilities inventories
    • Mineral resource lands
    • Critical areas
  • Draft or Revise Ordinances
  • Zoning Code Amendments
  • Shoreline Master Plan updates
  • Stormwater planning (NPDES Phase II Compliance)
 Growth Management Act Planning

I wanted to let you know I have noticed and really appreciate the excellent work you are getting out. It’s not easy, but your approach is super: take on an issue or a problem, get the issue moving, define the end point, complete the task, and move on. You did an outstanding job on that drainage ordinance... It is very tough to move complex problems and tasks we face today through the bureaucracy. That makes me appreciate the work you’ve done even more.... Good work!
— Chal Martin, P.E., Former Director, Skagit Co. Public Works ~
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Master Planning

A neighborhood master plan is a detailed study of the specific planning issues related to a specific neighborhood and its commercial component. When we develop your master plan, we will help you facilitate neighborhood organization, and identify neighborhood identity, interest, and concerns. These preliminary efforts could lead to the initiation of neighborhood master plans for these areas as well. Each neighborhood master plan is unique. However, we have found common elements that should be included in the process of developing all the neighborhood master plans.

You should define a vision, and produce goals and objectives to achieve your vision. Neighborhood master plans should be consistent with the larger Comprehensive Plan. Your plan should look at a mix of land uses, architectural and urban design characteristics, transportation (including all modes), economic development opportunities, natural resource conservation, recreation, and other areas of concern. In order to see your plan developed into the future, you should make specific zoning code recommendations, identify sites for appropriate residential and commercial development, provide suggestions for pedestrian circulation, trails, traffic calming, automobiles and public transportation, and should locate areas for parks, recreation, and open space conservation.

As a full-service planning firm, Eldred & Associates can help you with your Master Plan from your initial thoughts through implementation.

 Master Planning services from Eldred & Associates in Washington State

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Special Purpose Districts

You may find you need to create a special purpose district. These are typically used to create a tax authority to pay for certain improvements.  Your community may need to form a lake management district to pay to treat invasive weeds such as milfoil. Orsome areas may need to form a sub-flood control zone to fund a drainage improvement project such as new culvert, a pump station, or to fund maintenance. We can help your community with meetings, identify what improvements you need, how much those improvements will cost, and how your community will pay for those improvements.


 Special Planning by Eldred & Associates in Washington State
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Committee Facilitation

You may be a government agency with a specific project that your council requires a citizen recommendation.  Or you need to pull together a neighborhood to reach an agreement on plans or a project. We can help you with our committee facilitation and public outreach needs!

Eldred & Associates has broad background in successful facilitation experience combined with technical projects in both the public and private sectors. We can help you with your committees. We have facilitated committees for natural resource projects, tribal processes, watershed planning, mineral resources, technical advisory committee, marine resources, planning units, and planning commissions to name some of our past work. We offer you our team experiences and demonstrated abilities. Our team has jointly facilitated over 40 citizen committees.

 Committee Facilitation by Eldred & Associates in Washington State
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