We invite you to ask our clients about us, and how we have helped them. We strive to maintain solid relationships with our clients by being accessible, responsible, reliable, and effective  

You guys did phenomenal work for us.
— Mark Moder, Executive Director Youth Dynamics
I wanted to let you know I have noticed and really appreciate the excellent work you are getting out. It’s not easy, but your approach is super: take on an issue or a problem, get the issue moving, define the end point, complete the task, and move on. You did an outstanding job on that drainage ordinance... It is very tough to move complex problems and tasks we face today through the bureaucracy. That makes me appreciate the work you’ve done even more.... Good work!
— Chal Martin, P.E., Former Director, Skagit Co. Public Works ~
I can’t tell you how much it means to me and the crew…there is someone out there who actually cares about people, businesses, and equity….Follow through on this kind of thing gives us all a signal that we are all dealing with a fair and honest person with integrity.
— Terry Galvin, Former Owner, Sehome Consulting ~
Thank you so very much for your presentation...it was exceptionally evocative – and very, very helpful understanding the dimensions of the stormwater challenges facing local governments. You have a terrific style. Now I know why people kept recommending you to us.
— Dan Silver, Washington State Department of Ecology ~
Thank you for your incredible personal and professional effort - I’ve never seen anything like it.” and “It’s nice to witness the miracle of a 2 1/2 hour permit, right behind your 24-hour turnaround with the city on an expedited demo-over-water permit.
— Sky Miller, P.E. Formerly Wildlands of Washington ~